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About Eat Pomegranate Photography

I really like people- all kinds of people. If you haven’t met me you should; I will probably love you. I also really love to capture little things that make each of us unique and beautiful in our own ways. Several years ago, at an art fair, I strolled into an exhibit by a landscape photographer. I was enthralled by his photography. As an amateur photographer I asked for his advice on improving my work. He told me to start photographing people. His advice came with a forewarning; that he strictly shoots landscapes because it is too difficult to photograph people.

Since that day, I took it on as a challenge to better understand portrait photography. I pride myself in the ability to take pictures that capture the real self. I enjoy finding ways to capture a person’s personality and display how they look to the world.

Thanks for visiting the site and I look forward to taking pictures of you.

Why Eat Pomegranate

Almost everyone who comes across this website asks why it is called “Eat Pomegranate” and this is the best place to tell that story. I grew up eating fresh, chilled pomegranates. Our mom would cut them up, carefully remove the seeds and serve them to us in a glass bowl. I didn’t realize how messy and difficult it can be to prepare pomegranate seeds until I was much older.

I think of my photography process in a very similar way. I take care of all the technical and creative mess behind the scenes and leave you with the final product.

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