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Aaron # 26

July 22, 2015
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Meet Aaron, he is #26 in a series of 100 strangers.

A Stranger on Film

I am always amazed by all the wonderful people I meet with my camera. Last month, I was on a photo walk with my friend Joe and we came across a group of people hanging out near the Lansing City Market. I asked if I could take a portrait of each of them; I had ~6 exposures left on my camera. This photo was the last exposure on the roll.

Aaron’s friends were surprised that he had let me photographed him. As always, I am honored that people let me take their picutre, especially because being in front of a huge medium format camera must be intimidating. Thanks Aaron

Check out Aaron’s Instagram account because he is an incredible photographer.

Any thoughts?

One Comment

  1. Jason Kent Jul 23, 2015

    Don’t know what he thinks about this, but think this is so good.